Principal Partners for Legislators

Roz Thompson
Oct 10, 2018

We are all advocates for the principal profession! Our daily interactions with students and adults are opportunities for us to communicate about the importance of education and having strong leaders.  

Want to help do more? Become a Principal Partner for Legislators to connect more regularly with a legislator you already have a relationship with, or find one you're interested in developing a better relationship with. It’s easy! Email Roz Thompson if you are interested.

Once you are connected to a legislator, reach out to them and their legislative assistant to share contact information. Create a reminder on your calendar to share updates with your legislative partner each month or so. You can also invite them to visit your school. The goal is for the legislator to know a principal in their district who he or she can call to get an understanding of how potential policy may impact student learning and the management of a school building.

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