Webinar: Jostens High School Graduation and Other Activities Discussion

Scott Friedman
Apr 24, 2020

Graduation webinar blog image

Seniors across the state of Washington have been left without the opportunity to participate in many traditional celebrations including graduation. During this webinar, we focused on how we can collectively create celebrations that students and families will remember.

Missed the webinar? Watch the replay:

Now that a virtual graduation is most likely our reality, what should be your next steps?

  1. Form a Graduation Planning Committee (must include your senior students!)
  2. Check out the Jostens Virtual Commencement Center (use access code Jostens_VCC)
  3. Contact your local Jostens representative for support
  4. Reach out to AWSP for other ideas, resources, etc.
  5. Begin planning an incredible ceremony for the Class of 2020


  • Webinar
  • High School

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