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Elementary Principal of the Year Award


About the Elementary Principal of the Year

2019 was the last year AWSP selected state principals of the year by grade level (elementary, middle, high). Want to know more about the new process and/or nominate someone? Head to the POY page. 

2019 Elementary Principal of the Year

Alfonso Lopez

Mr. Alfonso Lopez was born and raised in Mexico and immigrated to the United States to instill the value of education to his family. Over the past decade, Mr. Lopez's goal has been to make a difference in his students’ lives regardless of their cultural background, a complete opposite mindset than that of how he was raised. Mr. Lopez sees diversity issues as opportunities to grow. Instead of avoiding cultural diversity issues, he is proactive and seeks school improvement. He takes the opportunity to discuss difficult situations, listen to multiple perspectives, and develop next action steps, in order for his dual-language school to be more successful. He is an agent of continuous improvement to promote each student’s academic success and well-being. He manages uncertainty, risk, competing initiatives, and politics of change with courage and perseverance, providing support and encouragement and openly communicating the need for, process for, and outcomes of improvement efforts.

Watch this great video from iFiber One News about Mr. Lopez.

Alfonso Lopez

Alfonso Lopez
Lewis and Clark Elementary
Wenatchee Public Schools

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