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Because It's Not Rocket Science

The job of a building leader is incredibly complex. There is no reason for you to tackle this by yourself (even Batman had Robin). In order for you to be an effective lead learner in your building, you must continue to learn and connect to other school leaders!

Engaged and networked principals are successful principals. A principal who focuses on their own professional learning will be a more effective and impactful leader.  So, it shouldn’t be a matter of if you will get involved in a networked improvement community, but which one and when?

NIC Grants Application Window Extended!

We had a great response to the first round of grant applications, but we still have funding available! We have extended the application submission deadline to May 15. Apply today!

Why NICs?

A Networked Improvement Community focuses on building powerful professional relationships where leaders come together to identify problems of practice and then form collective theories of action to solve the problem.  Principals who engage in networks increase their own effectiveness and long-term sustainability in their buildings (AWSP Strategic Plan Goal 2).

AWSP is committed to help bring building leaders together to form powerful networks. We have created Networked Improvement Community (NIC) Grants for our members who have similar interests and a willingness to address current problems of practice.   

Get a Grant

As we create equitable systems throughout our association, we want to ensure all principals have access to our Network Improvement Community Grants. We will be providing ten $600 NIC grants for each ESD region. Our new process will help interested applicants define a problem of practice and how their regional network will tackle the work.  

The NIC grant application and companion tools will go live September 1. Thanks for your interest in this program! Questions? Get in touch with Jack Arend, one of our Associate Directors. 

Important Dates

  • September 1: NIC Grants launch
  • November 1: Application deadline
  • December 15: Funds not requested will be reallocated.
  • January 1: NIC Grants application reopen
  • May 15: Application deadline
  • June 1: NIC deliverables due to AWSP


Jack Arend FMI

For More Information 

Jack Arend | Associate Director | (800) 562-6100