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AWSP encourages its members to fulfill their professional responsibilities and follow the Code of Ethics established by AWSP and other national school associations. 

Despite best efforts, however, there might be times when members become involved in conflicts related to their employment. Our Member Services Committee exists to review legal challenges faced by AWSP members and to provide honest and responsible advice from their colleagues.

Supporting the rights and responsibilities of our members serve as one of the seven key goals of the AWSP Strategic Plan. The committee is responsible for:

  • Providing assistance in the areas of professional ethics and welfare
  • Hearing appeals from members and making final decisions on the extent of coverage, outside legal assistance, or other types of assistance necessary.
  • Making professional advice and legal services available to members within the limits established by the AWSP Executive Board
  • Acting as a sounding board on trends and the nature of cases
  • Making recommendations to the AWSP Board to secure special consideration for issues and cases that might have significant impact on our membership

Formerly called the Professional Responsibilities and Rights Commission, the Member Services Committee includes five practicing principals who convene annually.

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Upcoming Meetings

  • October 28-29  —  Crowne Plaza, SeaTac
  • January  —  TBD


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