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Assistant Principal Advisory Committee


About the Committee

Assistant principals often have a unique role in their school. Our Assistant Principal Advisory Council (APAC) helps guide our support of APs all across the state. How do we help elementary APs thrive when many elementary principals haven't ever had an AP or been an AP? How do we create powerful adminstrative teams, or support the AP position as a worthy role and not a stepping stone? These are a few of the issues the APAC is taking on. 

Our Work

What does being involved with the Assistant Principal Advisory Council look like?

  • 2-4 meetings per year
  • Full day meetings with costs covered by AWSP
  • Professional learning and networking
  • Informing AWSP Professional Learning events
  • Planning the Assistant Principal Leadership Institutes (August and February)
  • Informing university principal preparation programs


For More Information 

Scott Seaman | Deputy Executive Director | (800) 562-6100