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Interactive iBooks Store User's Guide Edition Updated

The interactive User's Guide for iPad and Macs has been updated. Already have your copy? Make sure you download the update from the iBooks app. Still need one? Get the book from the iBooks Store. See what's new below.

Version History:
Version 1.2 includes a few videos, updated examples and a how-to section, and an all new, cleaner design.

1.2.1: fixed for 7.1, student leadership table.
1.2.2: updated thumbnail images in 5.4, 6.1, and 7.1

Version 1.3 includes a video with Dr. Glenn Malone and Dr. Sally Lancaster. Added a new Appendix section for summative scoring resources.  Added a review section for Chapter 1. Fixed several thumbnail images not displaying properly.

1.3.1: Fixed a glossary definition copied in error, added new Twitter hashtags and suggested users to follow
1.3.2 Update two items in the summative scoring appendix