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TPEP Rater Agreement Document Updated for 2014-15

TPEP Rater Agreement Document Updated for 2014–15

An updated version of the rater agreement document (PDF) is now available for the 2014–15 school year. Rater agreement is defined as:

The extent to which the scores between the raters have consistency and accuracy against predetermined standards. The predetermined standards are the instructional and leadership frameworks and rubrics that define the basis for summative criterion level scores.

RCW 28A.405.120 and RCW 28A.405.130 require that “before school district implementation of the revised evaluation systems,” evaluators of teachers and principals “must engage in professional development designed to implement the revised systems and maximize rater agreement.” The research and practical application of implementing this law is of primary concern for OSPI, TPEP Steering Committee organizations and the instructional and leadership framework authors.

For more information on rater agreement, check out the Observations and Rater Agreement Module or view the TPEP website.