Leadership Coaching Transforms Leaders and Schools

A form of individualized professional development, coaching provides leadership growth toward a variety of outcomes. Whether just starting out or a successful veteran administrator, a leader can benefit by the opportunity for reflection and learning through a non-supervisory partnership. 

AWSP defines Leadership Coaching as a learning partnership between a coach and a principal in service of the development of leadership capacity in the principal. As a team, the pair identify growth goals, and through cycles of inquiry and action, the principal develops the self-awareness, skills, and strategies to achieve those goals. 

Leadership coaching services are available to any AWSP member currently in a leadership position in Washington’s elementary, middle or high schools. This includes interns, deans of students, assistant principals and principals.

Our Focus:

AWSP’s Leadership Coaching focuses on either a performance goal, where a principal may have received feedback about or self-identified a need to improve a particular skill or behavior; or a developmental goal, where the principal is interested in evolving his/her leadership. Performance coaching may be described as skill enhancement and may have an instructional element; whereas developmental coaching addresses the whole of the principal, from core values and beliefs to habitual ways of experiencing and enacting his/her leadership.

  • Performance coaching – Short-term coaching that is focused on the leader advancing his/her current level of knowledge and skills needed for an effective principalship. 
  • Developmental coaching – Longer-term coaching where the principal seeks to become a different kind of leader, addressing deeply held ways of thinking and being. This is sometimes called transformational coaching.

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