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The practicing principals and assistant principals on the Diversity & Equity Committee guide the alignment of activities, foster communication, and contribute tools and resources that advance AWSP’s goals in service of diversity and equity.

The Diversity & Equity Committee includes practicing principals and assistant principals from each grade level drawn from across the state’s nine Educational Service Districts. Committee members bring personal and professional experiences, expertise, and passion to the work of advancing the diversity and equity goals. The committee meets in person at least three times each year and conducts small group conference work sessions between meetings.

Committee Members Serve To  

  • Identify areas of focus aligned with the Association’s Strategic Plan goal for diversity and equity for approval by the AWSP Board. 
  • Advocate for the Association’s awareness and integration of culturally competent practices across all of the organization’s activities.
  • Identify needs of members in leading the development of equitable and culturally responsive schools, with sensitivity to regional needs and the voices of traditionally underserved communities.
  • Provide resources, tools, models, and collegial networks for members that meet a range of needs, with an emphasis on supporting Criterion 8 (Closing the Gap) of the AWSP Leadership Framework.
  • Identify and foster collaboration among education partners to meet the needs of members and school communities.

Who Serves You 

Committee Leadership

Upcoming Meetings

  • June, 2018 TBD
  • October 2018, TBD

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